What’s in a Name? Rethinking Quinnehtukqut

A Dialogue on Indigenous Rights and the Politics of (Re)Naming Places, Holidays, and Mascots

Monday, December 19, 2016
1:15pm – 3:00pm
Laurel Hall 202

1625 Map of Connecticut

How do the names of the places where we live affect our understanding of ourselves and each other?  What does it mean to erase or appropriate Indigenous names and traditions?  What do our holidays and mascots say about what and who we value? Come participate in a critical dialogue about these contested battles over historical naming practices and contemporary efforts at renaming. Some examples include the alteration of Quinnehtukqut to Connecticut, the “United Colonies” to the United States of America, Columbus Day to Indigenous Day, and the renaming and replacing of school mascots.

Part of UConn’s Humility and Conviction in Public Life project, this “Small Talk” is organized as part of the Connecticut Human Rights and Youth Action Summit. Focus will be on furthering dialogue by offering a space where CT high school students, teachers, and members of the UConn community can come together to discuss, challenge and question their own positions on these often divisive issues. By encouraging informed and informal conversations on some of today’s most provocative questions, “Small Talks” aims to strengthen our capacities to know each other and ourselves and practice the skills of intellectually humble and respectful dialogue.


Sponsored by the UConn Humanities Institute