CHRYAS 2016 Summit Information

2016 Theme: The Human Right to Education

Students should develop and submit project that directly relate to the theme of the human right to education at the local, state, national, or global level.

A more detailed conference schedule will be available in November–stay tuned!



Conference Day: How it works

During the summit, you will have the opportunity to present your project to an audience of fellow high school and UConn students, teachers, UConn professors, and community members, gather feedback, and make plans for taking action in support of human rights.


Morning Presentations

During the morning, presenters will be assign a Presentation Room during Session 1 or 2.  They will be a part of a Panel of 4 groups/individuals that will present their project and engage in a post-presentation active with each other and the audience members.

Presenters and non-presenters will also be assigned an Audience Member Room during Session 1 and/or 2.  Presenters will be asked to join the discussion in this room during the session they are not presenting.  All audience members will participate by listening carefully to that panel’s presentations and engaging in the post-presentation activity.


Lunch & Keynote

Summit participants will be provided with lunch, after which there will be a Keynote Address – stay tuned for speaker update!


Afternoon Learning Sessions

Students and teachers will have the opportunities to attend sessions on TAKING ACTION and MAKING POSITIVE CHANGE – stay tuned for updates on learning sessions!


Reflections & Feedback

Every group/presenter will have completed a ton of work and spent considerable time on their projects.  We are committed to ensuring that work is recognized with positive and constructive feedback before, during, and after the conference session.

Each audience member will be provided with reflections slips.  During the presentations, audience members are strongly encouraged to write down questions or constructive comments to provide to their peers.



Post Presentation Activity

During the Post-Presentation Activity, presenters and audience members discuss projects and engage one another on crucial issues brought up in the sessions.  All perspectives and experiences are welcome and should be respected.  Each session room will have a Summit Ambassador who will help to facilitate effective discussion.